Friday, October 14, 2005

The Art of Shakespeare Recruiting

Many thanks for the kind words on my 2nd Digability ebook. (You know who you are - wink.) Per the suggestion of a "fan" I am posting notification of my ebook here as well.

Its incredible but true, recruiters often overlook the most obvious (and more excellent) candidates in search of neatly formatted resumes. Don't let that happen to you! Why focus solely on "possibilities" when you can recruit emerging leaders and industry experts?

One of the best-kept secrets among internet sourcers is revealed with "The Art of Shakespeare Recruiting." This simple, yet powerful technique will teach you:

  • How to find leading authorities through authors, online publishers and aspiring writers.

  • How to leverage published authors for additional referrals

  • How to source even more candidate leads from online publishers

  • How to use a list of rare finds and lesser-known resources to help you excel in this technique

And more...

Download your ebook now!

Are you skeptical?

Consider this quote from a recent article..

“Companies are finding it more difficult to recruit the professionals they need. They are engaged in a war for talent.” SOURCE: The Star

If the candidates you are presenting do not excite your client and you find yourself growing frustrated, do something different! Give them the best of the best and save yourself time and aggravation.

Download your ebook now!

"The Art Of Shakespeare Recruiting" is available as an ebook only. Get your e-book for $19.95. Each purchase is processed by Clickbank on a secure server.



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