Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hmmm.. sounds like a new version of Riya to me.

Effectively immediately, "The Digability Blog" will be discontinued and after this week, no new content will be posted there. In its place is "Jim Stroud 2.0," a new blog that will continue its focus on innovative sourcing strategies. It will also broaden its scope to include Jim Stroud's rants on the recruiting industry and business development tips for Search Firms. Furthermore, Jim Stroud 2.0 will provide commentary on Web 2.0, innovations in business and market strategy. All of the blog posts cited on the original Digability blog are still freely available for review on Jim Stroud 2.0 under the "Digability-Sourcing Strategies" category.

Here is an explanation of what you will find in each category of Jim Stroud 2.0.

BizDev 101 *Offers business development tips for search firms

Bizzy *Dicusses innovations in business and market strategy

Digability *Offers innovative sourcing strategies for recruiters.

Life With Bill *Personal posts discussing Jim Stroud's experiences as a (happy)Microsoft employee

Manifestos *Calls to action

Recruiting Rants *Discussions on what is wrong (and sometimes right) about the recruiting industry

Shameless Self-promotion * Announcements citing Jim Stroud in the media

Web 2.0 *Discussing the new wave of dot-coms hitting the market

Visit Jim Stroud 2.0 now and subscribe: http://www.blogcharm.com/jimstroud


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