Saturday, December 03, 2005

Okay, who's impressed with Google base?

I have been hearing about Google's product du jour - Google Base. For those who don't know, Google Base appears to be Google's attempt to conquer the classifieds market (or Craigs List?). When I think classifieds, I think of used cars, collectibles and personals ads. I never think of resumes, but hmmm... I wonder.

I do a search for resumes based on keywords and Google syntax and I keep getting scores of job postings. (Not what I wanted.) Hmm...

I browse through the results a bit more and see that many of the links are pointing outside of the realm of Google Base. For example, I type in "software engineer" and I see links to Careerbuilder jobs only. Grrr...

I was about to give up on this and walk away, but my digability-sense (not to be confused with "spider-sense") began tingling. So I knew there were leads to be found. Long story short, I found them.

Most of the links on Google Base point to web pages somewhere on the web, but not ALL of the links. Google Base allows users to add/upload text to Google Base like a stand-alone webpage. Okay, I see your eyes glazing over, so let me just show you what I did.

Check out this "G' String" (which is what I call a Google Search String). Click is to see it in action.

"Hey Jim," you say, "What is this G' String saying?"

To which I reply, "It is saying, Google Base, please look in the title of your documents for "Resume, My Resume or Resume Of" and those results that have "base" in the URL and while you are it, check for any text that says - "engineer." At this writing there are only 9 and if you remove the request for "intext:engineer" your results bump up to 40.

So what is the final analysis on using Google Base for finding resumes?

Digability rating: Yawn! (Try something else.)



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Anonymous Bill Gates said...

I know you 'technically' work for Microsoft and all, but come on. Google's Base program, much like everything else they've competing with Microsoft for, is superior.

Base has been around for a week. Give it some time. Because google plays to consumers needs and not licensing fees will once again show why they are the business model of the 21st century.

Get off your high horse and work for a company that cares about its users.

12/09/2005 12:33:00 AM  

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