Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Business Card As Fine Art

AEA invited me to hang out with them the other day during their forum on "Technology Redefines the Role of Marketing." I had a good time and met some cool people, among them Lauren and Mo of "Goods For You."

What stood out to me about Lauren and Mo was not their impeccable manners, approachable nature or even their contribution to the discussion (for the record, these guys are pretty savvy). No, what kept them in my mind (now, days later) and compelled me to write about them was their business card. (See below)

What do I like about these cards so much? Ahh... Let me count the ways...

1. The baby pictures (and yes, these are their actual baby pictures) 2. The offbeat colors and ever so subtle psychedelic design. 3. The rounded upper right corner.

Put all these factors together and Goods For You is telling me a story. Ahem, (clearing my throat) the story goes like this...

"Hi! My name is Lauren (or Mo') and I have imagination. I know how to take risks. Most of all, I know how to bring attention to myself. Surely, I can do this for your business. And hey, even if you don't call me right away, I am (even now) using my hypnotic marketing powers to compel you to show this card to someone else. Afterall, who can refuse a peek at a cute baby picture? Am I right?"

To this I say in a zombie-like voice, "Yes Lauren. I hear and I obey..."

Everytime I glance at the Goods For You buiness card (its on my desk now, next to my Geek coffee cup) I say to to myself, "Self, these guys are thinking."

And this of course had me thinking, how come business cards could not be art pieces? What is stopping someone from finding all the cool and interesting business cards in the world and blowing them up into 3x5 framed masterpieces? Maybe its me, but I think that would be somewhat amusing. So I begin to dig and find something almost as good.

Are you hip to Cardbroswer?

Cardbroswer does a very interesting thing. They go to trade shows (and similar events), collect cards and then add them to an online database. As a subscriber to their service, you are able to get contacts that are not (neccessarily) on the web and (I like this) you also get access to their cellphone numbers. At least those cellphone numbers that are posted on their cards.

Okay, so its not an an exclusive gallery of business card artistry. It is however, a clever resource for sourcing the elusive passive candidate.

Digability rating: Nice one! Call in for a free trial now!!!

ADV: Where in the world is your next hire?



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