Friday, October 21, 2005

Podcasting Killed The Video Star

On an earlier post - "Sourcing Candidates With A TV Guide", I mentioned how you can use Video Searchengines and Podcasts to find leads on technical candidates. (Actually any type of candidate, I just chose technical candidates as an example.) Well if you have tried it, liked it, and thought "Wowzers, what a neat-o trick!" Here are a few more resources that you might enjoy.

MSN Video Google Video Podcast PodSpider Odeo *(Thanks Ritesh! I did not know about this one. Singingfish Yahoo Audio Search Yahoo Podcast Search Tv Eyes Podscope Alta Vista Video The Open Video Project All The Web - Video Search *For those who don't understand the title of my post, it is a take-off of a popular 80's new wave tune "Video Killed The Radio Star." Click here for a link to the lyrics. If you want to hear the song, look it up on one fo the aforementioned searchengines. Be warned however, that the tune is hard to get out of your head once in. (wink) ###

[If you like what I give away, you will love what I charge for. Check out: "Digability: The Recruiter's Guide To The Internet"]


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