Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cool Tool Alert!

Usually its my friend Eric Jaquith who is the one introducing me to cool tools that can be tweaked to make my recruiting life easier, but here is one gizmo he may be unaware of. If you have ever ran late for an interview, meeting with a client or just plain forgot an appointment because your Outlook was at the office and you missed the reminder, well have I got a free cool tool for you. Blue Lake Technologies has created a "Reminder Forwarding" plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that will send your reminders to your mobile phone or email when you are away from your desk.

Check out these special features:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No per-message Fee
  • Installs in less than one minute with a few mouse clicks!
  • Easy to change reminder timeout time (default of 60 seconds)
  • Easy to change your mobile phone number
  • Integrates directly with Outlook (no additional steps for you to do)
  • Can forward reminders to your mobile phone, pager, PDA, or email
  • No need to set "Out of Office" rule in order to get your reminders forwarded!
  • Check out this play-by-play I snatched from their website.

Microsoft Outlook reminder messages are an extremely helpful way to remember the important things in your busy life. However, we are not always at our desks to receive these reminders.

Reminder Forwarding is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that automatically forwards your reminders to your mobile phone when you are away from your desk. This add-in is extremely easy to use and installs in less than a minute with just a few clicks.

How it works:

1. When any of your Outlook reminders pop up, Reminder Forwarding will wait for you to click Snooze, Dismiss, or Open the item.

2. If you do not click on the reminder within 60 seconds (you may customize this duration), your reminder will instantly be sent to your mobile phone, pager, PDA, email, or other device of your choice. The forwarded reminder will contain all of the original information such as the start time, location, notes, etc.

Let me know if you find this kind of thing useful and I will post more. -Jim


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