Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fish Tales

Okay, so this idea is not all that original but what can I say? I am a softy for the classics (just so long as they work - wink). For you young whippersnappers, let me walk you through.


How much does lunch for say... 2 people cost? I am going to say twenty bucks with a bit of change left over. You agree? Read on...


This is a fishbowl. Fishbowls like this typically range $10.00-$20.00 on average. Still with me?


Go to restaurants and coffee houses that are near to and (popular with) the employees of the company you want to target. Drop off a fishbowl near the front of the restaurant with a sign that says, "Free Lunch! Drop your business card for a chance to win lunch for two."


Collect the biz cards at the end of the week and award a free lunch to someone you may want to recruit or leverage for more leads.

In case you are skeptical as to if this will work or not, ask yourself how many times have you dropped a biz card in a box, tray or fishbowl to win some prize? Too many times to count? Yeah... It is a good idea, isn't it? (Wish I thought of it first - wink.)

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