Thursday, December 15, 2005

Birth of a sourcer? (My little rant...)

When I was young, I had always loved libraries, even before I could walk. As I got older, I liked to go to libraries and ask to look at their library cards. Later, in June of 1999, I was given my first library card by the Anacortes Public Library in Anacortes, Washington. This library card sent off a amazing journey for me that included endless hours on the computer, sending emails to libraries or addressing envelopes to send to libraries (can you believe the cost of stamps)! Today, the collection grows almost every day, as a steady flow of library cards finds it way into my mailbox. It has grown to an enormous rate of over 1,000 cards! I hope to grow it into the greatest collection of library cards in the world!

Hmmm... he loves to research (even if it is for library cards), I wonder if I am witnessing the birth of a Sourcer? Click here to read his The Great Library Card Collection.

I noticed recently, well, not just recently, that many companies see Sourcers only as Junior recruiters. (Hey, start off as a sourcer and then move up to Recruiter 1st Class!) Whenever I see that I immediately recognize how the skill of Recruitment Research is undervalued. (Fortunately for me, Microsoft is not one of those companies -Yay!)

You know what would impress me? If I see a staffing firm (searchfirm, whatever) seeking a sourcer without the carrot that it is a way in to better things. (Not to undervalue recruiting!)

I would be impressed if they required something more than just a certification (from a certain company) and actually tested them on their searching skills. (I mean, how do you know that the person with the certification did not just "show up" and stayed awake long enough to get a piece of paper?)

Hey, it would even knock my socks off to see a searchirm require someone with a background (or degree) in Library Sciences and pay them something more than $35,000.00. And in case you are such a firm, let me give you a clue. Hire a Junior Recuiter OR a Sourcer, but do not try to force two jobs on one person (especially without doubling the salary as well). And oh yeah, stop thinking that online research is irrelevant to phone research and recognize the value in both.

Sorry for the rant... A buddy of mine was insulted and I had to vent. (blush - excuse me!)

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