Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Forgotten Children of Search

When you think of an internet address, you think blah, blah, blah… dot com. Am I right? Maybe you would think dot net (i.e. or even dot org if it is a non-profit organization? However, how many of you would consider (what I call) the forgotten children of search? To be more specific, I am speaking about the less-popular internet domains. For example, websites that end in .CC, .BIZ, .INFO and so on. I rarely hear of a website being advertised that ended in something other than .com, .net or .org, but there are many websites that do. And guess what? Said websites have information (namely resumes) you can use in your sourcing efforts.

Click the links below to see examples of what I mean.

Pretty interesting huh? The resumes found on these URL extensions are just as valid as resumes you find on the dot com extensions, maybe even better. Why? If for no other reason, they are being ignored by the majority of researchers out there. (Well, at least prior to my writing this blog post – wink.)

Here are a list of additional domain extensions you may want to consider targeting when sourcing candidates.

.cc .biz .info .name .us .ws

Happy hunting!

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