Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Want to know a secret?

Are you on my Digability mailing list? If not (and you like what I blog about), then you need to be. I plan on revealing some interesting information in the coming weeks, but only to those on my list. Oh what could it be? Well, that would be telling, yes? (wink)

And just for subscribing (now) to my Digability Announcement Mailing List and I will send you:. *A list of Yahoo's Secret Search Commands to help you get the most out of your Yahoo searches.

*Advanced notification of Digability Products. *Special offers and unadvertised specials that will only be announced on my mailing list. Join now! Send a blank email to digability_ebook-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and further instructions will arrive in email. **(I respect your privacy and will not sell your email address to an outside vendor.)

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