Monday, October 31, 2005

Googling blog searches

I have been talking about blogs a lot this month, so why stop now? Here is another tip for getting the most out of blogs. Are you familiar with Google's Blog Search tool? If not, check this out...

Say I wanted to find a lead for a C++ developer and I figure that someone who blogs about C++ is someone I want to talk to. Sooooo I hop over to Google's Blog Search and type in C++. This is what I get (see below).

I get a list of blogs focused on C++ specificly (and results where C++ is mentioned somewhere in a blog post across several blogs. Cute and a decent return of results, but I want more. Undaunted I use my Digability skills, experiment and come up with the following notes on how to make my searches in Google's blogsearch better. Ladies and gentleman, this be the secret sauce...

inposttitle:algorithm This command searches the titles of every blogpost Google has indexed for a particular keyword. (In this case, algorithm.)

inurl:java This command searches blog addresses for a particular keyword. (In this case “Java”)

inpostauthor:jimstroud This command searches for blog entries written by a particular writer. (In this case, me!) This command searches for all blog entries cited on a particular blog. (In this case, my blog - “Jobseekers Revenge.”)

inblogtitle:jobs This command searches the blog titles of every blog Google has indexed - but you figured that out already. (In this case, blogs with the word “jobs” in their titlle.)

NOTE: I noticed that some of the commands do not play well together. For example, using the “inblogtitle” and “inpostauthor” commands together did not seem to work (at this writing). However, using “inpostuthor” and “inblogtitle” or “inblogtitle” with “inurl” presented no problems.

Let’s play with a few strings, shall we?

inpostauthor:java blogurl:java *This brings back blogs written by people who have “java” in their screen name and list “java” in the address of the blog.

inblogtitle:engineer inurl:engineering *This brought back blogs with enginnering in the title of the blog and in the adress. At this writing, most of the results were engineering jobs.

inpostauthor:jim stroud *This brought back 186 of my most recent blogposts. Wow! I did not know I was so busy.

yahoo inpostauthor:jeremy *This brings back mentions of the term “Yahoo” written by (any) blogger named Jeremy. Hope this helps you with your sourcing!


[If you like what I give away, you will love what I charge for! Check out: Digability: The Recruiter's Guide to the Internet]


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