Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow! You can buy anything on Ebay!!!

Did you know that you can buy searchengines on EBay? The winning bid on an Award-Winning Metasearch Searchengine -Jux2 was US $101,100.00 !!! Wow! I wonder who the confidential bidder was? I wonder if we can expect big things from Jux2. I have played around with Jux2 in the past and although I was somewhat wowed, it managed to slip from my attention (until now). I think I will poke around a bit with it now and see what goodies I can find. Oh! For those who are not hip to Jux2, here is a snippet from their Ebay page describing some of the more intriguing features of their engine. Go to to see all of the functionality. Some things we’ll highlight here are as follows: Combines data from Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves to determine the best overall search results. You can configure jux2 to sort results however you want to. Right now it sorts search result URLs according to the sum of rankings from the three engines. (For example, a URL ranked #2 by Google, Yahoo, and Jeeves would have a total score of 6 and would show up in jux2’s results before a URL ranked #4 by Google and Yahoo but #1 by Jeeves). You’ll find it easy to add MSN to the mix. Instructions on how to do this are included in the “how to maintain jux2” guide. We’ve already developed a four engine UI. Allows you to see what your usual search engine is missing or has that others don’t. This is a very cool feature of great value to power searchers, and most better known meta search engines still don’t offer it. Select your “usual engine” on the home page, and run a Jux2 query. You’ll see a toolbar on the results page that allows you to view: (1) what your usual search engine is missing, (2) what only your usual search engine found, and (3) only the results of your usual search engine. Uses clever grouping algorithms to keep duplicate URLs from cluttering results. One tricky problem in meta search is getting your engine to recognize that and point to the same site. That’s a simple example. Many more complex ones abound. Anyway, try several searches to see how we’ve solved this for you. Has a browser toolbar button that operates in two modes: “normal” and “extra cool.” In “normal” mode when you click on the browser button a dialog box opens allowing you to launch a search on jux2. In “extra cool” mode, when you click the button from, say, a Google search results page, jux2 will show you results for that search that are found on Yahoo and Ask Jeeves but not on Google. Try this to see how cool it is.


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