Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cool Tool Alert!

Advanced Searchbar enables you to search more than 99 search engines and databases with this customizable search toolbar for Internet Explorer. It eliminates pop-ups, adds home page protection, and provides a screen saver launcher, file shredder, 78 free games, automatic form filler and RSS news feed ticker. Includes Web page translation for 12 languages, 69 news providers, 38 mail providers, browser tracks remover for cleaning cookies, cache, auto-fill, history, temporary directory, typed URLs, MRU file list, recycle bin and clipboard. Zoom in and out of Web pages, and auto-highlight search terms. Also includes driving directions, weather lookup, movie times, MyYahoo! links and access to blog hosts

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Advanced Searchbar - Advanced Toolbar with more features than the Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, MSN toolbar combined


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